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FULL TRANSCRIPT - Greyson Chance’s Twitter Q&A, Thank You Message, and New Music Snippet - April 28, 2013

Greyson Chance 2013 THanks his Fans Workd Greyson Day Twitter New Song Snippet
Greyson Chance Thanks His Fans
Greyson Chance fans were very very busy this weekend!

First, celebrations for Greyson Day 2013 kicked off over the weekend resulting in number one trending topics in countries all around the World.

Some countries even had THREE top trending topics going at the same time!

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Greyson acknowledged all his fans efforts by tweeting,
“Overwhelmed by all of your tweets. Thank you all for sticking with me for three years! You are the best. #HappyGreysonDay - Keep celebrating tonight and tomorrow! I know I will (: Goodnight everyone!!! see you tomorrow.”
And Greyson kept his word by taking to twitter Sunday afternoon for a question and answer session with his twitter followers.

Greyson saved the best answer for last when a fan asked him when we will hear new music and Greyson replied, “You wanna hear a snippet? I have a surprise!”

Below is the full transcript of the session:

Q: What is difficult as an artist?
A: The constant pressure. But, I also enjoy that. It keeps me focused.

Q: Where's your awesome piano?
A: In storage! With a lot of other special things. I love going to that unit!

Q: Where r u now? Oklahoma?
A: Yes! I am in the dungeon.

Q: Do you ever get stage fright?
A: Sometimes. I get nervous when I do live TV because there are no re-dos ha ha!

Q: How does it feel like knowing you posted paparazzi three years ago?
A: So crazy. I've been nostalgic all day.

Q: Are you going to design a different piano to use for your new music?
A: Yes! I have a lot of crazy ideas. I wanna try to make the piano the center of the whole show instead of it just being a piano, why not make it the stage.

Q: Is there a collaboration with some artist in your new album?
A: I have one in mind (;

Q: Is there anything that you did in the past 3 years that you would change?
A: Not necessarily. I have made many mistakes during career, I have learnt from them. I think that's the process that you have to go through (:

Q: What's the craziest thing you have done?
A: Secrets, secrets.

Q: What something that can always make you feel better?
A: listen to really old records.

Q: What is your favorite thing that you have done in the past 3 years as an artist?
A: Let me think about this one… I think doing really small club shows. Those are my favorite. it makes me realize how much music is so close quarters (:

Q: Favorite rapper? Lol.
A: NAS all the way. God's son is my favorite record.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? :)
A: Hopefully, writing music (:

Q: What happened with Super Schwy? We're still waiting.
A: Ha ha ha! Man, I don't know. It’s gotta to happen.

Q: One word to describe your new record?
A: Hmmm. I would say older.

Q: Would you call yourself a risk taker or someone who stays in their comfort zone?
A: I try to be a risk taker (:

Q: When will we hear new music? You rock!
A: You wanna hear a snippet? I have a surprise.... (:

After a little technical difficulty Greyson tweeted a link with a thank you message to his fans for all their work celebrating World Greyson Day and a snippet of one of his new songs!

The video below might take a few seconds to load and start playing...

If you are having problems watching the above video you can access it from a computer (not a phone) at:

We can't help but notice Greyson’s much deeper voice and mature sound to his new song.

Great work Greyson and have a happy Greyson Day 2013! And thank you for noticing your fans and taking the time today for your Q&A session!

See you on Twitter!

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  1. OMG his voice! It is so deep now. I LOVE IT!! Thank you Greyson!!

  2. Oh god oh god oh god im dying right here help meeee......

  3. Omgee I can't wait for this music!

  4. "you are going to die" sjdnfbcjhwksbdniqwsubfy i'm dead

  5. Omfg he is amazing oh my word

  6. re the only singer that is not heavy metal music I like her and I hope someday you have any concert in Mexico


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